Playlist: February

I promised to write more this month. That didn't necessarily happen. But then again, I've barely been in Lille this month. After one week of work I had a two-week break, which I kind of extended into a three-week break by taking a trip on my days off last week. And now here we are at Leap Day.

At least all that travel made for an interesting playlist. Here's a mix of songs I heard in Lille, Cassel, Bruges, Paris, Copenhagen, and Oxford. It starts and ends with Zayn, and the artists that appear most often are Simon and Garfunkel, Yann Tiersen, Hozier, and Justin Bieber. I can't think of a better way to sum up my February than that.

Shuffle and enjoy!

How To: Survive OFII

A long stay in France requires a trip to the Office Français de l'Immigration et de l'Intégration, or OFII. It's a process that we were warned about in our information packets, a process that we received a lecture on during orientation, a process that I believed I should be freaking out about. In reality, though, it's not too scary. It just involves a lot of waiting. Here's how to (barely) survive.

Playlist: January

Here it is: the first playlist of 2016. Inspirations include but are not limited to: open mics, David Bowie, cold weather, nights in with friends, and throwback dance parties. Shuffle and enjoy!