Playlist: October

Hi everyone! As per usual, here's an end-of-the-month playlist so you can listen to what my October was like. It's weird--on the one hand it feels like I've been in Europe for a really long time, but on the other it feels like time is passing really fast. (Halloween is TODAY??? I'm turning 22 in FIVE DAYS??? WHAT.) But anyway, here's the mix of the month, inspired by:

- Songs that I heard in stores everywhere (yes, including the Madelyn Bailey cover of Titanium, which is strangely popular over here from what I've seen)
- The one English-language song performed at an open mic I stumbled into earlier in the month
- My "going to work" playlist which was mostly just Walk The Moon's newest album
- Watching Arrested Development alone on a Friday and feeling inspired by Lucille
- Being reminded of the existence of Naughty Boy
- Favorites off of Josh Ritter's new album Sermon on the Rocks
- Listening to a record of Paul Simon's Graceland at the AirBnB in Granada
- Much-awaited new music from Adele
- And selections from possibly the strangest mix of songs ever heard on Halloween.

Shuffle and enjoy!

Update: I'm Going to Spain

This isn't Spain. This is still Lille. Just to clarify.
Weeks "on the job" so far: Two
Weeks I now have off for vacation: Two
Where I'm going: Seville, Granada and Madrid
How long I'll be gone for: A little over a week
Chances that I'll be posting during that time: Slim
Number of days I was sick with a cold (yes, Mom, even though I am taking all my vitamins): Three
Blog posts that I've been wanting to write but haven't gotten around to: Four
Times the fire alarm has gone off in my building since I've moved in: Five
Times I've played One Direction's latest single "Perfect": More than I care to admit

Saint Maurice

They say the best adventures usually happen close to home. Actually, that might be what they say about car accidents. Either way, I found an adventure close to home in one of my first days here by going to Église Saint Maurice. 

It's a church that's really close to where I'm staying here in Lille. I can actually see it from my window. And if you think the outside is beautiful, check out the inside. 

TAPIF: Week One

I didn't know what to use for a photo so here's a map of the town where I teach, Loos. 

I'm done with my first week as a teaching assistant, although I didn't actually assist with teaching anything. TAPIF has us do two weeks of observation at the schools we've been assigned to before we get into full gear.

My schools have taken this as a chance for me to learn about the French school system. I haven't necessarily been observing English classes, but I've gotten a chance to sit in on a class in every primary school level: CP, CE1, CE2, CM1 and CM2. I'll mostly be working with CM1 and CM2 kids. I've gotten to see pretty much every subject, too, from math to geography to gym and art (where I learned that if you have twenty two students doing a project involving mixing paint, there will be at least one spill).

Reykjavik: Dos and Don'ts

This picture (aka me trying to capture the beauty of Iceland through the #artsy filter of a rainy window) basically sums up my stopover in Reykjavik. 

I made it to France with a little help from Iceland.

Icelandair allows stopovers with no additional airfare cost, so I broke up the trip with a day in Reykjavik. I stayed at the Reykjavik Hostel Village, which was a great place. Central location, friendly reception, nice beds, good water pressure in the showers, and an optional breakfast--what more can you ask for?

I was in Iceland for about 36 hours, and I actually think I managed to do a lot. I feel like time moves slower in Iceland, not only in that people didn't feel very rushed but also in that I could look at my watch (ok let's be honest my phone) feeling like I was short on time and see that I actually had hours left to explore.

I also arrived in Reykjavik knowing very little about the city itself. And when I got there, I realized that maybe I should have prepared more. So, in my efforts to help you prepare for a trip to Reykjavik, here's a do and don't list.