Saint Maurice

They say the best adventures usually happen close to home. Actually, that might be what they say about car accidents. Either way, I found an adventure close to home in one of my first days here by going to Église Saint Maurice. 

It's a church that's really close to where I'm staying here in Lille. I can actually see it from my window. And if you think the outside is beautiful, check out the inside. 

I happened to go at sunset on one of the last sunny days we had here in Lille, so I got to see the light filter in through the stained glass, a view that might not happen too often.

The church has seating and an alter in the middle, and is enclosed by a wide aisle that loops all the way around. 

Both sides of the church closest to the windows have statues of saints where you can light candles, which you can find by the church's back entrance.

Here's Maurice himself!
This was basically just an excuse for me to post church photography. Sorry. (Except not really.)

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