Playlist: August

Hey team. So. There aren't going to be many posts in the coming weeks. Not because nothing's happening--actually, quite the opposite. This whole "I'm moving to France for a year" thing is hitting me full force. There are some things that happened in August that I still want to write about. Maybe I will, maybe I won't, maybe I'll save them for some future throwback Thursday post. Until then, you can get a glimpse of what my August was like through this here playlist, which was inspired by:

- New singles from One Direction and Josh Ritter that were released on the same day (and the freakout that ensued)
- More new music, from Josh Ritter again and Imagine Dragons
- Seeing Fun Home on Broadway (All the songs are good but I just put the ones that I've had on repeat on here)
- More songs I heard on the radio or saw the video for on TV or danced to while dishwashing
- The best of the Washington Nationals' walk up music (in order of the lineup from 8/24)
- Reading Louise Penny's How The Light Gets In (and then going to her tea and book signing!)
- The VMAs (of course)

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