Playlist: July

Okay, so I know July isn't over for a few more days, but for me July ends when the DC Grays' season ends, and that was on Sunday. Also, I'm leaving for New York tomorrow and I figured I should post this before I go. So here it is!

This playlist was inspired by:
- Songs played between innings at the ballpark, including tons of country songs I didn't know existed and some pop songs I knew very well
- Songs my dad likes and therefore played a lot in the car
- The Fourth of July
- Going to an Irish pub on the Fourth of July and seeing some live music, which consisted of both Top 40 and traditional Irish tunes
- Seeing Far From the Madding Crowd and Trainwreck 
- Seeing the trailer for Paper Towns too many times
- Getting introduced to the band Years and Years (thanks Elisabeth)
- Jamming to the most random selection of songs in the car with Alicia
- Songs that I heard on the radio so many times I thought they were following me
- Songs that I didn't hear as many times on the radio but that I listened to and liked anyway


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