Playlist: June

One of my friends told me a while ago how every month or so, he puts the songs he's been listening to a lot into a Spotify playlist. If he goes back to listen to it, he associates the music with memories of that time. I thought it was a neat idea, so I started a version of my own. 

I've been keeping this playlist/music journal/memory thing on Spotify going for about a year, and now that I'm also keeping this blog, I thought I could share the monthly playlists on here! But be aware: it's always a really weird mix of songs. 

This month's playlist was inspired by:
- Of Monsters and Men's new album
- The Tonys
- Songs I jammed to on the radio while washing dishes
- A certain Usher song that I decided to pluck along with on the mandolin as a joke but then it actually sounded kinda good
- Between-inning music at baseball games for the team I intern with
- Baseball players' walk-up songs that I have now heard almost 40 times and will probably hear 40 more times before the season ends.

Shuffle and enjoy!

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